"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

When we are diligent, the Lord blesses us! 11/30/16

Hi family and friends!!

First off, I'm writing on a Wednesday because we wanted to take a tour in a rainforest park/zoo, and unfortunately it's closed on Monday, so we asked permission to switch our pday for this week. But it was super great this morning! Love the rainforest so much! (I'll send pictures later..) We went with Sister Stasevskas, had lunch at her house and helped her set up her Christmas tree! Love her so much!

This week was full of miracles. Honestly, I'm not sure I have ever been so happy in my life--I LOVE my area, my ward, and my companion! Sister Dustin is one of the most dedicated and obedient people I know--and this week we really saw the hand of the Lord in our lives, blessing us for our diligence. I don't think I have ever taught more people in a week than this one--at the end of every day we were ASTOUNDED with how the Lord helped us to teach so many people (especially since our area is one hour away from our house), and even more astounded with how our investigators are progressing! Marlon was baptized on Saturday (he is so golden! It was amazing to see his smile from ear to ear when he went into the water!). Thelma was traveling in the southern part of Brazil the WHOLE week, but we started to teach her sister, Carol, and yesterday when we taught Thelma, she told us that she wants to be baptized and that she wants to do a fast. (And we had planned to invite her to do that, to be ready for her baptism next week--pretty neat!). Also, a recent convert, Claudio, introduced us to his friend, Hamilton, who is also just golden! We taught him for the first time on Saturday and when to Marlon's baptism that night, to Church on Sunday, and to a family home evening on Monday. And he already bought a case for his Book of Mormon. So adorable.

Also, we had another MIRACLE happen on Wednesday. We have been teaching a woman, Sílvia, and her three daughters: Letícia (12), Laisa (12) and Bianca (9). The girls have been going to church every Sunday for THREE YEARS. They are so amazing!! They read the scriptures every day and ask every night in their prayers that Sílvia would give permission for them to be baptized, but she never wanted to let them. We felt that it would be a good idea to fast for them and then to teach a very special lesson about the importance of baptism. At the end of the lesson Sílvia signed their baptismal form! She said that she saw that it really was the desire of their hearts! The girls started jumping for joy! :) I really saw the power of fasting and prayer to touch hardened hearts that day. :D

Lots of more things happened this week, but that will have to be it for the day! REMEMBER: GO TO MORMON.ORG TO PARTICIPATE IN THE "LIGHT THE WORLD" CHRISTMAS INITIATIVE--There is a short video and an idea to light the world through service every day!! We are all doing it here and I know that you all (and every one around you) will be immensely blessed!! Let's bring a little more light to this world through our beloved Savior Jesus Christ!

Have a great week!!
Sister Dickerson

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