"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

When we are diligent, the Lord blesses us! 11/30/16

Hi family and friends!!

First off, I'm writing on a Wednesday because we wanted to take a tour in a rainforest park/zoo, and unfortunately it's closed on Monday, so we asked permission to switch our pday for this week. But it was super great this morning! Love the rainforest so much! (I'll send pictures later..) We went with Sister Stasevskas, had lunch at her house and helped her set up her Christmas tree! Love her so much!

This week was full of miracles. Honestly, I'm not sure I have ever been so happy in my life--I LOVE my area, my ward, and my companion! Sister Dustin is one of the most dedicated and obedient people I know--and this week we really saw the hand of the Lord in our lives, blessing us for our diligence. I don't think I have ever taught more people in a week than this one--at the end of every day we were ASTOUNDED with how the Lord helped us to teach so many people (especially since our area is one hour away from our house), and even more astounded with how our investigators are progressing! Marlon was baptized on Saturday (he is so golden! It was amazing to see his smile from ear to ear when he went into the water!). Thelma was traveling in the southern part of Brazil the WHOLE week, but we started to teach her sister, Carol, and yesterday when we taught Thelma, she told us that she wants to be baptized and that she wants to do a fast. (And we had planned to invite her to do that, to be ready for her baptism next week--pretty neat!). Also, a recent convert, Claudio, introduced us to his friend, Hamilton, who is also just golden! We taught him for the first time on Saturday and when to Marlon's baptism that night, to Church on Sunday, and to a family home evening on Monday. And he already bought a case for his Book of Mormon. So adorable.

Also, we had another MIRACLE happen on Wednesday. We have been teaching a woman, Sílvia, and her three daughters: Letícia (12), Laisa (12) and Bianca (9). The girls have been going to church every Sunday for THREE YEARS. They are so amazing!! They read the scriptures every day and ask every night in their prayers that Sílvia would give permission for them to be baptized, but she never wanted to let them. We felt that it would be a good idea to fast for them and then to teach a very special lesson about the importance of baptism. At the end of the lesson Sílvia signed their baptismal form! She said that she saw that it really was the desire of their hearts! The girls started jumping for joy! :) I really saw the power of fasting and prayer to touch hardened hearts that day. :D

Lots of more things happened this week, but that will have to be it for the day! REMEMBER: GO TO MORMON.ORG TO PARTICIPATE IN THE "LIGHT THE WORLD" CHRISTMAS INITIATIVE--There is a short video and an idea to light the world through service every day!! We are all doing it here and I know that you all (and every one around you) will be immensely blessed!! Let's bring a little more light to this world through our beloved Savior Jesus Christ!

Have a great week!!
Sister Dickerson

My crazy week! 11/21/16


Companheiras de novo!!! 11/7/16

Transferência 10/31/16

Ana, Esmeraldino, y Kailane!
Best acai ever!

Stake Conference, Lília's prayer 10/24/16

Yesterday was stake conference here as well! We were blessed to have Elder Markus Aidukaitis and Elder Moroni Torgan of the Seventy visiting us to reorganize the stake presidency. President Oliveira (who is pretty much our best friend here haha) finished up nine years of service as stake president. The new presidency is made up of very young individuals, and when they all bore their testimony we felt very strongly that they really were called of God. The talks that we heard were full of faith, hope, and happiness--how when we build on the rock of Christ (Helaman 5:12) and keep the commandments (Mosiah 2:41) we are blessed true happiness--a taste of what is to come in the eternities. :) Our mission president, Presidente Stasevskas, also talked about the power of faith and the plan of salvation. I love him and Sister Stasevskas so much! They are just like parents away from home. :) Also, sidenote: Elder Aidukaitis's laugh is hilarious! And afterwards, when we met him, he told me that he had been to Minnesota twice, and both times it was 20 degrees below zero. haha
Lília was asked to give the closing prayer a few weeks ago and she was so neverous! But wow, when she prayed, I felt the Spirit so strongly that I started to cry! And many other people told her the same thing--including Elder Aidukaitis. She thanked God for the Atonement, for a living prophet and apostles, and asked for strength and guidance to share the plan of happiness with others. :) Gleyson also received the Melchezedek Priesthood afterwards, which we were able to witness. I know that I talk about this family alllllllll the time, but honestly, I don't think I have ever felt more love for someone on my mission. Seeing their conversion was one of the greatest miracles I have ever witnessed.
As for the rest of our week, we had a few ups and downs, but the work is going forward! Ana's birth certificate has been delayed (AGAIN), but hopefully it will be ready the end of this week so that we can start the process of her and Esmeraldino's wedding. Loren started to read the Book of Mormon, Marimar as well (AND she confirmed her baptismal date). And the rest of the crew as well. On Wednesday we had divisions and Sister Colussi came and spent the day with me (she was one of my comps in Paragominas last year--love her so much!!).
I hope everything is going will!! I pray for you all daily! Remember that it's the small and simple acts of faith that bring miracles--scripture study, prayer, obedience, etc.
Love you bunches!
Sister Dickerson

The Lord answers prayers 10/17/16

In the beginning of the week, we started out a bit discouraged because none our investisgators were progressing. We had to stop visiting nearly all of them actually... So we started the week with basically nothing, praying really hard, and trying to have lots of faith that the Lord would lead us to those of His children that would listen to us. We also prayed that He would guide us to families--preferably already married. Since marriages are so difficult to do here. And the Lord blessed us!
One day, we were knocking doors on a street that we had never entered before when we heard someone calling us, "Sister!! Siiiiissttteeeer!" Turns out it was Lília's cousin, Loren, that we had met at her wedding! When we met her the first time, she hadn't shown much interest, since she has a calling in her church and is pretty involved. But afterwards Lília started telling her about the church and about the gospel and she started to feel super interested. And her daughter, Sofia, loves us. :D So she called us, and we marked another day to come back. It was soooo amazing when we taught her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! She is a history professor and is extremely intelligent--she understood everything so perfectly about the great apostasy. And when we told her that the Book of Mormon teaches about when Jesus visited here in the Americas after her ressurrection, she got soooo excited! She said that she had always had questions about the "pre-colombians" and had always thought something like this was possible. :)
I'm not going to be able to talk about everyone we found this week (ou of time...), but we started teaching one woman, Brenda, that lives right in front of the church. She is wonderful! Already received her answer that the Restoration happened. :D And she keeps all of her commitments. #so nice We also had the surprise of seeing an investigator, Geronimo, come to Church on Sunday when he hadn't committed to go. Pretty neat!
And, yesterday, our President Stasevskas gave us permission to have lunch with Sister Lima's aunt, who lives in Belém (small world). It was super fun! Also--lots of good food and açaí. :D

Love you all so much!!
Sister Dickerson