"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

Loving the Christmas Spirit already!

In all reality, it's just me in the Christmas spirit here... hahaha. Sister Colussi refuses to sing Christmas carols with me until tomorrow, when it's actually December. She says that Christmas is too trunky haha. So I just sang by myself... alllllllll morning. We were cleaning our apartment extremely thoroughly today, since next week we have transfers, and one of us might be going.... (I'm not happy with this idea--I love Paragominas so much!! Never want to leave... can I finish my mission here? One more year isn't too much time haha).

Let's see... this week was Thanksgiving right? As it's an American holiday, we didn't do much here.... but I did have the opportunity to study more about gratitude in the scriptures, which was absolutely wonderful! Honestly, being grateful is such an important commandment, with such a great blessing--eternal life. Want to know why? Because when we give thanks to God, we are keeping the most important of all commandments--loving God. And in turn, we will keep the other commandments, right? To show our gratitude. Preaching over. :D

So we are teaching a family of Seventh-day Adventists now... Maurício, Keline, and Renato (their brother-in-law). I think that church has a lot of truth. A lot. It's probably the closest to ours. But that also makes it hard to teach them, because all they want to do is Bible bash and prove you wrong. When I say "they" I mean Renato. Wow. I was honestly so thankful for the Spirit during that lesson... I've never seen someone try so hard to confound us in our words. He even called us the two harlots mentioned in Revelations. But the Spirit just told us to bear our testimonies about the Book of Mormon. And you know what? He's reading the Book of Mormon now, and he's loving it! Haha, it's amazing how the Spirit works.

I don't have much else to say... we are working on three marriages right now, we rode pedalboats, and we had ten investigators come to church this week (I love getting blessings!)... And Marisa and Eliasafe wanted to see where I'm from, so they found our house on google maps haha. I was feeling really trunky that day!

Love you all so much!!

Sister Dickerson

Here are all of our investigators that came to church on Sunday!! They are all super fantastic! :D

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