"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

Feliz Natal!

Can you believe that it's almost Christmas??? Time really flies. 

Let's see where to begin this week.... Domingos was baptized on Saturday! It was an interesting day. In the morning, we went to clean the font, and to my surprise it was full of dirty water from the last baptism... So we had to empty out the font with buckets (to make it move faster). So, soaking wet, and super sore, we finished up and filled the font with fresh water for the baptism. It was quite the experience. Domingos has an interesting story. He and a group of young men started to play soccer at the church three years ago. Gradually, they all started to go to church and seminary, and nearly all of them have chosen to be baptized. I nearly had a heart attack on Sunday because Domingos wasn't there (for his confirmation), and so when we passed by his house we found out he was feeling super sick. However, he made an effort, went, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. (Instant prayers of gratitude.)

We are also working with a friend of Domingos, whose name is Marcos, but everyone calls him "Mormon." His family is 99% Catholic (he says that he's the 1% who isn't), and he's been going to church every week for a year now. He also plays soccer at the church almost every day. Wow, you have to meet this kid to know how amazing he is! When we were teaching the Restoration to Domingos, Marcos recited James 1:5, the First Vision, and everything. He does more missionary work here than the members. The only problem is that he's 16 and no one in his family is willing to authorize his baptism. (He carries his baptismal form with him, just waiting for someone to sign it). So, if you could keep him in your prayers, that would be great. He's an amazing person and I realllllllyyyyy want to help him be baptized. :)

Oh and on Thursday we had our Christmas activity with our zone. President and Sister Stasevskas came, and it was a blast!  Every one was playing soccer, football, capture the flag; we ate lots of food, and even watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 (such a good movie).

And on Sunday I had to give a talk... but it was all good. I spoke about the true meaning of Christmas, how Christ was born to save us all, and that He was the best gift ever given. I also invited them to give a gift to our Savior--invite someone to learn more about Him. The worst thing they can say is no. :)

Love you all so much!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Sister Dickerson

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