"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

Feliz ano novo!

Christmas was great here! We spent Christmas Eve with our district leaders at a big party in their area--I'm pretty sure Christmas only consists of food here haha. But don't worry, I was keeping the traditions alive with Sister Almeida. She likes Jingle Bells a lot. :) On Friday during lunch a member began telling stories about his mission, and he started showing photo albums. We were, of course, very anxious at this point because they live at one end of the city and we still needed to walk for about an hour to catch the right bus to get to the other side (where we were going to skype). But somehow we managed to leave and get there in time to talk with all of you. :D (I loved that by the way--I couldn't see you all or understand very well what you were saying... but it was great anyway :) ). 

On Saturday we had Samuel's baptism. It was a very tender experience. A recent convert who got baptized two months ago performed the baptism, and he was so excited! However, on Sunday we had a huge let down because he didn't come to church to be confirmed... :( Apparently his mom took him to visit his dad in another part of the city. That kind of ruined my day. However, complaining doesn't help anything. I'm excited to have this week to work, be a little better, and prepare for the new year! 

I have a little invitation for all of you--read Ether 12:27 before you choose your New Year Resolutions. I know that when we come to the Lord, asking, "What do I lack yet?" like a young man once did with our Savior, He will show us our weaknesses so that we can come unto Him. 

Happy New Year!

Sister Dickerson

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