"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

Transfers, Baptisms, and More!

So on Monday we had a transfer and Sister S. Silva was transfered to Belém. :( But she's a sister training leader now, so that's pretty cool. And I don't need permission to call her, so that's even better! My new companion (it looks like I'm going to have lots of companions on this mission...) is Sister Colussi. She's from São Paulo and is downright adorable! 

The best part of this week was that we finally had a baptism!!! Woo-hoo!! Victoria was so excited! I love that girl so much! She was most nervous about the interview beforehand (she even took to studying her pamphlets on the way there haha). She said that afterward she felt so much lighter and so much happier. :) My camera is dead and wasn't able to take pictures, but Sister S. Silva took lots. However, as she was transfered.... I don't have them. Darn. But the next time I see her, I'll try to send them. :)

This week really had a lot of ups and downs... We were preparing Erleane to be baptized as well, but at the last moment she decided she didn't feel ready yet. But we are going to continue working with her and I'm sure it all is going work out! Also--funny story: We were at a member's house for a family home evening with some of our investigators, and the member decided to show us what he had been teaching his one-year-old son. He said, all super excited, "Who is it that's never going to marry a Sister??" To which Marcos Paulo (the one-year-old) shouted, "ME!!" Please don't teach your kids this... us sister missionaries want to get married too ya know. Haha

Other than all of that... life is good and busy. We have so much work to do... so much... I'm trying not to get stressed. But I have faith that it's all going to work out. This work is so marvelous! I love this gospel. Also--we had a great activity on Saturday with the young women when we went on splits and contacted as many people as possible, and the young women gave sweets to each person. It was lots of fun and very effective! If there are sisters in Sauk Rapids see if you can to that with them!

Oh!! I almost forgot--Eddy Mercado arrived yesterday! My zone leader called and I got to talk to him for a bit! I didn't realize until that moment that I am no longer fluent in English... But it was really nice to talk to someone from home!

Love you all!

Sister Dickerson

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