"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

"There is sunshine in my soul today!"

Quick Update


This week was pretty chill and we didn't have too much happen. Because it was transfers, Sister Lifferth, who is in Oriximiná (a small town down the river), stayed with us for about three days when we were waiting for her companion to arrive. It was pretty fun to have that experience in a trio. :D When we were seeing her off we took a little stroll on the boat! (Everyone has to bring a hammock to sleep during the night--it's super cool! I'll send pictures later). . 

Lets see... my favorite experience this week was talking with a new convert, Davi, who travels for months at a time for work. He finally got back this week so we payed him a visit. I was super shocked to learn that in his one year as a member, he has read the Book of Mormon five times!! He's about 70 years old, and he said that his one regret was not finding the church earlier because now he has less time to learn everything. He's a super special person!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Love you all!

Sister Dickerson

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